Watch what happens when a man proposes to Minnie Mouse right in front of Mickey

ORLANDO — First rule of Mickey Mouse Club? Never steal another mouse’s girl.

The age-old ‘Bro Code’, strictly followed and sworn in as ‘law’ by men around the world, even applies in the Happiest Place on Earth – Walt Disney World. But one recent park visitor who chose to disregard the Code altogether learned firsthand what would happen if you try to make a move on Minnie.

Yes, that Minnie, who’s long been spoken for by none other than Mickey Mouse.

In a Twitter video that’s since gone viral, 21-year-old Johnny Jean is seen going down on bended knee and asking Minnie Mouse’s hand in marriage during a meet-and-greet at Epcot.

Since Minnie, like most Disney park characters, are unable to, you know, actually speak, it’s not entirely clear whether she accepts the proposal. But she does give Jean a big hug to thank him for his sweet gesture.

That’s when things get a bit awkward. Minnie is then seen pointing to someone off-camera before walking away with her head down in shame. A confused Jean turns around and sees Mickey glaring at him from the sidelines.

Even Goofy, who’s also there to witness the exchange, can’t believe his eyes – who would have the nerve to make a pass at Minnie right in front of her man, er, rather mouse?

Minnie tries her best to convince Mickey that nothing happened, while Jean himself offers up a heartfelt apology – to no avail. Before stalking off, Mickey lets it be known that he’s got his eye on Jean, giving him the unmistakable ‘I’m watching you’ hand gesture.

Twitter is loving Mickey’s new tough side, with several people commending him for standing his ground.

This just goes to show that no one should ever mess with The Mouse. Add that to the Bro Code.

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