Watch two women brawl over the best selfie spot
Trevi Fountain, Rome

Watch two women brawl over the best selfie spot

ROME — Are ‘selfie spats’ the new barroom brawls?

Two female tourists in Rome were caught on video last week throwing punches in front of the Trevi Fountain over the best ‘selfie’ spot. The fight quickly escalated to include six other people, presumably family members, hurling themselves into the fray.

In the video, which was posted on Facebook by police, the two women can be seen repeatedly hitting each other before both families try to break them apart. One man is seen grabbing a woman and threatening to punch another woman.

The brawl lasted only a few minutes before police arrived on the scene. However, more scuffling ensued before officers ended the fight once and for all.

According to the Express, three of the people involved were under 18. A 19-year-old Dutch woman and a 44-year-old Italian-American woman were both charged, reports Sky News.

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