“Warm weather, sand and sea”: The rejuvenating powers of ACV’s Cancun fam

“Warm weather, sand and sea”: The rejuvenating powers of ACV’s Cancun fam

CANCUN — The scene is so familiar to anyone in the travel industry, yet after all these months of COVID-19’s travel restrictions and challenges, the welcome sight of blue skies, ocean waves and palm trees is a powerful reminder of why we’re all still in this industry. Because travel matters, and travel is possible.

The beach views were the perfect backdrop yesterday for ACV’s General Manager of Sales Ontario and National Accounts, Erminia Nigro, as she wrapped up ACV’s Cancun fam with a quick video shout-out to Travelweek readers.

“Hello, travel agent partners!” says Nigro after taking off her mask.

ACV has been offering DIY fams since early July. Several agents including Uniglobe CBO Travel’s Samantha Stasuik and Merit Travel’s Sandra Weber shared their experiences from their ACV DIY fams this summer with Travelweek.

“Warm weather, sand and sea”: The rejuvenating powers of ACV’s Cancun fam

This week’s ACV fam, in partnership with Bahia Principe Hotels & Resorts, brought ACV’s Managing Director Nino Montagnese, Nigro and other members of the ACV team to Mexico with an enthusiastic group of agent partners to celebrate the grand opening of the Bahia Principe Grand Tulum. The resort reopened on Nov. 15 with the company’s rigorous safety and hygiene measures in place, which were developed in collaboration with HS Consulting, an international consulting company that specializes in the tourism industry.

Nigro says ACV has seen a lot of participation and interest in the DIY fams. “Agents returning are reporting how impressed they are with all the health and safety efforts Air Canada, Air Canada Vacations and our hotel partners have in place,” she tells Travelweek. “It has helped them to gain first-hand knowledge to confidently sell the product to their clients, and answer any questions or concerns travellers might have.”

Asked what message ACV wants to get out to the trade, and to travellers, as we head into the winter season, Nigro says: “Air Canada Vacations always puts the health and safety of our guests first. The DIY and recent Bahia Principe Hotels & Resorts experiences have provided the trade community with first-hand knowledge of what we and are hotel partners are doing to rebuild travel together. As we move forward we continue to ensure this is our top priority.”

Just as important, “there is nothing like feeling the warm weather, sand and sea to rejuvenate. Everyone had a great time, obtained a great deal of important information and helped to reignite the passion we all have for this incredible industry,” Nigro tells Travelweek.

Watch the video here: youtube.com/watch?v=e4Y2HHpX5uw

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