More vacation time spent on phones than by pool

More vacation time spent on phones than by pool

DALLAS — On your summer vacation you’ll spend more time glued to your smartphone than your beach chair, according to the Mobile Travel Tracker. This global study of 9,200 travellers across 31 countries reveals that people on vacation like to gloat on social media, search for their next meal and engage in Facebook travel competitions.

The study shows that on average travellers spend almost two and a half hours a day topping up our tan, compared to three hours a day glaring at mobile devices. In fact, just over 6% of travellers will spend more than seven hours a day with their smartphone in their hands.

50% of travellers admit to uploading photos to social media just to show off and 28% check into places on social media to make friends jealous.

Over a quarter (28%) say they comment on friends’ posts just so they don’t miss out on anything out while they’re away.

1 out of 20 travellers engages in ‘Facebook face-offs’ with their travel companions. This is when you check your travel buddy’s social posts to make sure your content is better than theirs! Interestingly, three times more men compete with their friends than women.

Additionally, 20% spend their time seeing how many likes and comments their posts have.

The most used social channels while we are away include:

Facebook – (77%)
Instagram –  (32%)
YouTube – (25%)
Twitter  – (24%)
Pinterest – (14%)

51% of people admit that their mobile device is their primary source of information while away. When it comes to the content we’re searching for, it’s a case of tasty food before top attractions, as restaurants and food markets are the most popular searches (71%).

We’re a generation of foodie travellers, with more than twice as many people searching to find the best restaurant than the best beach.

The most popular content we search for while away:

Restaurants and food markets –  71%
Tourist Attractions –  59%
Maps and Directions  –  56%
Discounts and Deals –  38%
Local Beaches  –  33%

Sounds like some people need to take one of Intrepid Travel’s new Digital Detox trips:

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