Travel app is giving away Trump stress balls to anyone who books a Mexico hotel
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Travel site is giving away Trump stress balls to anyone who books a Mexico hotel

NEW YORK — Suffering from migraines? Your stomach all tied up in knots? It could be due to Trump-related stress, says a popular hotel booking app.

In a promotional move similar to AeroMexico’s ‘DNA Discount’ campaign, has announced that it will be giving away Trump stress balls to every user who books a hotel in Mexico.

Why? To take a stand against President Trump’s “damaging rhetoric” when speaking of other people and countries, particularly Mexicans, who he has referred to as “bad hombres”.

“We’re running a travel company because we believe that travel makes you more open-minded and understanding, and that travel makes the world a better place,” said founder Jochem Wijnands. “Mr. Trump is doing the exact opposite, he’s polarizing the world. We are speaking out for our values and beliefs.”

The idea behind the stress balls is to reward travellers who visit Mexico, in spite of the derogatory language Trump consistently uses. The campaign is also meant to sympathize with the Mexican people and the tourism industry, which the company says are “defenseless” against Trump’s negative statements.

How it works is simple: when a customer books a hotel in Mexico with TRVL and have completed their stay, the company will send a squishy Trump stress ball to their home address.

The company encourages customers to book quickly as there are only 1,000 pre-ordered balls. But don’t stress out about it or anything.

TRVL is no stranger to controversy and has had its own share. The site has been looking to establish itself here in Ontario but TICO has been working to keep it out. As reported on in October 2017, allows consumers to sign up to become so-called ‘TRVL agents’ and earn up to 10% commission on hotels booked by themselves, friends and family.

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