Transat Travel Agent@Home launches with “significant growth potential for … years to come”

Transat Travel Agent@Home launches with “significant growth potential for … years to come”

Transat Distribution Canada’s new Transat Travel Agent@Home is a “major revamp” of the existing TDC  program, already with 100+ outside agents, says TDC President Joseph Adamo. What’s the key differentiator? Transat Travel Agent@Home, launched last month, is a more robust program “with a heightened focus to grow the number of outside agents we have.”

Adamo says he sees major growth potential in the home-based sector. “As the fastest growing segment in our industry, we believe there is significant growth potential for several years to come,” he said.

“With this new robust and agent-friendly program, we now round out TDC’s lineup of value propositions: from branded franchise locations to affiliate member agencies and now independent agents who can rely on our industry-leading programs and support.”

There are a lot of Canadian organizations marketing themselves as host agencies to home-based agencies and the competition has gotten more fierce over the past couple of years. What is Transat Travel Agent@Home offering that differentiates it from the competition?

“As Canada’s largest retail network, we have a full suite of industry leading programs. From relationships with 60+ preferred suppliers, best in class training, conferences, gift cards, and incentive programs,” said Adamo. “We also are the exclusive travel retail sponsor of Air Miles, the country’s most popular loyalty program. All of our Agent@Home members will be able to issue and redeem Air Miles and take full advantage of our network services while enjoying extremely competitive compensation levels.”

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