Transat delivers "something different" with direct flights to Croatia
Caroline Gagnon, Public Relations & Marketing Advisor, Transat; Debbie Cabana, Director, Public Relations and Social Media Transat Tours Canada; Erin Oddleifson, Marketing Director for Nolitours and Transat Holidays; Susan Kooiman, Business Development Eastern & Northern Ontario at Transat Tours Canada; Nicole Bursey, Commercial Director at Transat Tours Canada.

Transat delivers “something different” with direct flights to Croatia

TORONTO — Transat was celebrating last night with a cruise on Lake Ontario in honour of the new direct flights to Zagreb, Croatia. The only airline to go direct from Toronto, Transat’s flights will depart from every Tuesday from June 14 to Oct. 4, with connectors from Montreal.

“Consumers said they wanted something different. So we’re delivering something different,” said Susan Kooiman, Business Development Representative for Transat Tours Canada.

Not only is Transat supporting the destination with direct flights, it also has seven new itineraries:

  • Zagreb & Split:Flights, 7 nights, transfers, 7 meals, and bus from $1,459
  • Zagreb, Split & Dubrovnik:Flights, 14 nights, transfers, 14 meals, ferry, and bus from $2,539
  • Zagreb, Split & Hvar:Flights, 7 nights, transfers, 7 meals, ferry, and bus from $1,709
  • Wonders of Croatia:Flights, 14 nights, transfers, 14 meals, ferry, domestic flight, bus, and 1 visit from $2,749
  • Discover Croatia:Flights, 14 nights, 14 meals, car rental, and 1 visit from $2,829
  • Zagreb, Split & Dalmatian Islands:Flights, 14 nights, transfers, 21 meals, bus, cruise, and 2 visits from $2,359
  • Zagreb & Sibenik:Flights, 14 nights, transfers, and 21 meals from $1,899

The operator also has a la carte accommodation with 18 hotels across Croatia.

‘A la Carte Visits’ are also available with day tours in Dubrovnik, Split, Sibenik and Zagreb. There are 20 options including a Game of Thrones tour in Dubrovnik.

“We wanted to make sure it doesn’t become an air-only destination,” says Kooiman. “It’s a gorgeous country and there’s so much to explore and so much to do.”

The new route particularly excites Kooiman; she and her husband are heading to Zagreb later this month and she’s looking forward to seeing the national parks.

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