Trafalgar using client reviews to prove they are Simply the Best
Anita Emilio, VP Sales; Marie Anne MacRae, VP Global Strategic Partnerships; Justine Sawler, Sales Support & Administrative Assistant; Brett Tollman, CEO of The Travel Corporation; Katherine Chin, PR & Digital Media Specialist; Jeff Element, President of The Travel Corporation; Wolf Paunic, President of Trafalgar; Nicole McCallum, Marketing Director.

Trafalgar using client reviews to prove they are Simply the Best

TORONTO — Trafalgar has unveiled a revitalized new look to coincide with the 2016 Europe & Britain launch season, while embracing the new tagline Simply the Best.

The brand will now embrace unedited and un-curated real-time review from the Feefo website to help provide solid proof they are Simply the Best.

Recognizing the importance of transparency in travel, Trafalgar has leveraged the common theme that has permeated its reviews on Feefo, with guests using “the best” adjective in many reviews. From the Travel Directors to the hand-crafted itineraries, the Insider experiences to the overall stress-free element of vacationing with the brand, its 97% (gold status) rating is authenticated via the global review site.

“The new Trafalgar communication will now include the Simply the Best messaging which is completely grounded in reviews from the Feefo site and as Mohammed Ali says it’s bragging unless you can prove it,” said Wolf Paunic, President of Trafalgar Canada. “And we believe we can prove it because we have generated 13,400 reviews and our approval rating is 97%. And secondly, we have taken the bold move of being very transparent and all the reviews are posted on our website.”

The live reviews will be fed into the Trafalgar site to help travel agents convince potential travellers of the quality of Trafalgar trips, and to help with purchase decisions by just turning around the computer screen. Trafalgar has understood very well that consumer buying habits and behaviours have changed and that online reviews have become an important part of any big purchase decision.

As per Trafalgar, 90% of consumers check out businesses online, while 89% say that an online review has influenced their purchases with a business. Feefo is an independent third party website that provides uncurated and unedited reviews to help provide consumers with the information they need.

“The integration of Feefo on the website is superb and clearly supports the best practice we endorse – being transparent, open and honest about the feedback Trafalgar collates from its clients and displaying it for all to see,” says Andrew Mabbutt, CEO of Feefo. “Unmoderated, unedited client reviews are more trusted by clients and Trafalgar leads the way in this approach and it is a testament to the outstanding service Trafalgar offers to its guests.”

The Trafalgar 2016 Europe & Britain program is supported by a new-look website, now live at, and brand new brochures with a simple and eye-catching design.

New in 2016 is the Ultimate Iceland tour, as well as Highland Trails tour inspired by the Outlander book and tv series, plus the Celtic Flimscapes which explores key spots in the Game of Thrones series. Trafalgar will also offer City Explorers in Rome, Paris and London for one week, Sunday to Sunday, with a Travel Director and express access to all the great sites, providing a more immersive and authentic experience.

Now until Jan. 14, 2016, Trafalgar is offering an early booking discount of up to 10%. And Canadians are protected from further depreciation of the Canadian dollar because Trafalgar never adjusts pricing during the booking season.

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