TORONTO — TICO has launched an updated Director election process.

TICO launches updated Director election process

TORONTO — TICO has launched an updated Director election process.

TICO’s Board of Directors is accepting applications from experienced leaders within and beyond the travel industry for five positions on the board:

  • Two industry directors (who are involved in the travel industry)
  • Three public directors (who have no direct personal or business interest in the travel industry)

Directors will be elected for up to three-year terms at TICO’s AGM on September 26, 2023. The submission deadline for all applications is Monday, Aug. 21, 2023. For more information, click here. To view and complete the application form, click here.

As reported yesterday, TICO is decreasing the number of TICO board members from 11 to 9, in line with one of five orders from the Minister of Public and Business Service Delivery of Ontario. The move came three weeks after ACTA and CATO temporarily withdrew their appointees from the TICO Board, until the TICO AGM this September, or until they were given a copy of TICO’s recommendations to the Ontario government on TICO’s future fee structure and Comp Fund funding. ACTA said it was expecting the TICO board changes.

TICO says it will host a webinar in the coming month to provide more information about how the Minister’s Orders will be implemented and provide an opportunity for registrants and stakeholders to ask questions.

TICO has also issued this feedback about what to expect as a TICO Director, based on insights from several past Directors.

  • About getting involved in the first place: “A common theme was that there were misconceptions about TICO prior to getting involved. Travel is an entrepreneurial industry and there may be a bias against regulation. After joining the Board, there was greater understanding about the consumer protection side of TICO’s work,” says TICO.
  • About the professional impact of being on TICO’s Board: “As a Director, you get to know the other members of the Board, who may represent other business models or industries altogether. Embracing and building an effective boardroom culture is a key goal. There is a lot of learning that happens from the insights shared around the table and professional relationships that continue on well beyond TICO’s boardroom table.”
  • About whether to run for election: “Past Directors have voiced that they are passionate about the travel industry and enjoyed being able to bring their perspective to others on the TICO board. They found it to be a supportive environment, where both other Directors and TICO staff help in getting you settled into your role.”
  • About what it takes to be a Director: “Directors are regular people in the industry who have chosen to get involved. There is a need for diverse backgrounds, experiences and skills. If you have an interest, the time to commit to the role and relevant skills, don’t hesitate to add your name to the voting ballot!”
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