Court upholds all but one rule on airline compensation for passengers

TICO approves 34 claims against Ontario Travel Compensation Fund

MISSISSAUGA — TICO has approved close to three dozen claims against the Ontario Travel Compensation Fund, totalling $170,721.

The claims, which were approved on Sept. 27, 2022, will assist 66 consumers who did not receive the travel services for which they had paid. They are as follows:

  • Fly Jamaica Airways: 1 claim to assist 6 consumers, totalling $5,544
  • Rejoice Holidays: 3 claims to assist 6 consumers, totalling $5,993
  • Sunmed Holidays Inc.: 1 claim to assist 2 consumers, totalling $1,000
  • Crystal Cruises: 29 claims to assist 52 consumers, totalling $158,184

Crystal Cruises ceased operations in February 2022 following bankruptcy filings of parent company Genting Group in January 2022. However, in June, news broke that A&K Travel Group purchased two former Crystal Cruises ships as well as the Crystal Cruises brand, with the intention of resurrecting the luxury cruise line in 2023.