Sunwing Airlines crew saves passenger in medical distress
Marisa Rodrigues

Sunwing Airlines crew saves passenger in medical distress

TORONTO — Sunwing employees showcased their quick thinking on a recent flight when a passenger went into medical distress.

On a Sept. 27 Sunwing Airlines flight, which departed from Cancun to Toronto, the affected passenger was given prompt, urgent and life-saving medical attention by Sunwing’s crew, led by Cabin Safety Manager Marisa Rodrigues. Several other passengers also lent their support.

Here is Sunwing’s official statement about the situation:

“We can confirm that a passenger was in medical distress on flight WG536 from Cancun to Toronto on Tuesday. The crew immediately attended to the affected passenger, along with a nurse and medical student on board the flight, and the Sunwing Airlines Cabin Safety Manager on duty, Marisa Rodrigues, conducted chest compressions on the passenger as the flight crew declared a medical emergency and the aircraft prepared for its descent into Toronto. Paramedics then met the aircraft on arrival in Toronto to provide further medical attention to the passenger.

“We are extremely grateful for the quick thinking, care and attention provided by our cabin crew, led by Marisa Rodrigues, and the other passengers who assisted during a stressful situation while remaining focused and calm. The teamwork and collaboration on board the flight resulted in a positive outcome for the affected passenger. We are honoured and proud to have such dedicated, fearless and caring crew at Sunwing Airlines, and thank them for putting passenger welfare and safety above all each and every day!

“We are proud to work with such exemplary crew, and thank them for their continued dedication and commitment, particularly in the face of adversity.”