This new cat hotel sounds nicer than most five-star properties

This new cat hotel sounds nicer than most five-star properties

IRVINE, CA — Oh, this is just purrrfect.

Club Cat, Orange County’s first luxury hotel exclusively for cats, will celebrate its grand opening tomorrow and it’s everything you’d wish for and more for your feline friends.

For one thing, Club Cat patrons stay in spacious eight-feet tall suites with actual walls and a glass door, wrought iron beds, multiple levels to perch on and enclosed balconies. Suite names are ‘cat-punned’ after the classics, like ‘The Great Catsby’, ‘The Wizard of Paws’ and, our personal favourite, ‘Romeow and Juliet’.

Standard suites can accommodate two cats from the same family, while Deluxe suites are even larger and can fit up to three cats from the same family.

While their humans are on vacation, kitties enjoy their own fun with fur therapy, derrière trims, ‘pawi-cures’, calming therapy, nightly paw-down service, and Happy Hour in the salon. There are also feline-friendly programs as well as ‘CatChats’, which allows cat owners to have live ‘cat-versations’ with their kitty.

But what really sets apart Club Cat from more traditional boarding options is that pet parents can watch their beloved cats anytime, anywhere from an app on their iPhone or Android phones.

Founder Shana Martin conceived of Club Cat after years of struggling to find appealing cat care options when she travelled. “I dreamed about a place where my cats could be safe and healthy but also receive the type of genuine love, attention and care that they are used to at home,” she said. “Cat’s don’t necessarily require the level of care that dogs do, but recent studies show that they prefer human interaction and actually need it to thrive.”

Martin consulted Kelly Doria, DMV at All Paws House Calls, to provide expert advice on designing the cat hotel to minimize stress on cats. “Stress can substantially lower a cat’s immune system,” said Doria. “Orange County cat owners are fortunate to be able to board their cats in a safe, secure, stimulating place like Club Cat when they travel.”

But in the event a kitty cat does get overly stressed or falls ill, no need to panic – Southern California Specialty Veterinary Hospital is located right across the street.

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