This guy was the only passenger onboard a Boeing 737-800 to Italy
Credit: Associated Press

This guy was the only passenger onboard a Boeing 737-800 to Italy

VILNIUS — Living the rock star life is an unattainable dream for many of us, but one regular Joe is proving that every once in a while, dreams do come true.

Skirmantas Strimaitis boarded his flight from the Lithuanian capital city of Vilnius to Bergamo, Italy on March 16, only to find that he was the only passenger onboard.

The Boeing 737-800, which normally seats 188 passengers, was chartered by Novaturas, a travel agency, to bring a group home from Italy to Lithuania. To ensure the outbound flight went ahead, the agency opened bookings for one-way tickets to Bergamo.

Strimaitis was the only person who bought a ticket.

He wasn’t completely alone, however. Also onboard were two pilots and five crew members.

With a 1:7 guest-to-staff ratio, we’re thinking the customer service onboard was top-notch!

Strimaitis told the Associated Press that it was a “once in a lifetime experience”, but this isn’t the first time a lone passenger flew on an aircraft. Back in January 2018, a woman identified only as Beth found herself on a plane reserved for transporting flight crew. She posted a photo on Reddit with the caption: “I got a whole plane to myself when I accidentally booked on a flight just meant for moving crew.”