These zoo animals love perfume so much that keepers are asking for donations

NORFOLK, ENGLAND — Everyone’s got a half-empty bottle of perfume or cologne just sitting in their medicine cabinet collecting dust. But before you go ahead and throw it out, consider donating it to a tiger in need.

Yes, a tiger.

Keepers at the Banham Zoo in Norfolk, England put out an appeal for old or unwanted perfumes, knowing that scent has a positive impact on many of its animals, especially big cats. As they continue to watch their stock of eau de toilette dwindle, they’re encouraging all visitors to drop off any old bottles upon arrival.

And if you think cats aren’t picky about their fragrances, think again! Calvin Klein perfume has proven to be particularly popular.

Said Mike Wolham, Animal Manager: “Our big cats definitely react positively when scents are used as part of their enrichment programme. For some reason Calvin Klein perfume is a huge hit with all big cats, but in all honesty any perfumes work well and we do like to offer them a variety of different smells.”

Anyone can drop off their unwanted perfumes or aftershaves with the staff in the admissions department, who’ll then pass them along to the zookeepers. But for those unable to make their donations in person, fear not – the zoo is accepting bottles by mail. Simply send them to: Zoo Animal Management, Banham Zoo, Kenninghall Road, Banham, Norfolk, NR16 2HE.

Can we all agree that this is a dire matter that deserves our attention? Because it sounds like those tigers are on the prowl…for a date!


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