Swipe left and fall in love with Flight Centre’s new matchmaking app
Cap Cupid Rich

Swipe left and fall in love with Flight Centre’s new matchmaking app

TORONTO — Flight Centre is putting it all on the line for love with a new app function that plays matchmaker on flights, cruises and tours. 

Launched after the post-Valentine’s Day glow (and, more notably, just ahead of April Fool’s Day), ‘Captain Cupid’ will go ‘live’ on Flight Centre’s app in May 2023 following an increase in solo travel.

According to Global Managing Director Andrew Stark, the demand for travel among people seeing the world solo is surging in the wake of the pandemic.

“With around 42% of our global customers travelling solo, it’s clear thousands of people each year are travelling in the hope of finding romance. So our app-based Captain Cupid service is long overdue.”

Stark added that in the last six months alone, Flight Centre has seen the number of solo travel bookings increase 6% globally.

“Imagine the number of times you’ve travelled and could’ve been sitting for hours on end with the person of your dreams and never realized it!” he added. “Now with Captain Cupid you’ll know, and something beautiful could be unfolding on your next flight from London to Singapore, or while on safari in Kruger National Park, or on a cruise across the Pacific or around the Mediterranean.”

It’s unclear how the new app function will work (or if it’s even real, ahem), but Stark is confident that Captain Cupid will set an industry benchmark for blind travel dating.

“We think the world is more than ready to embrace this travel innovation and embrace each other on long-haul flights, romantic sea voyages and in the back of four-wheel drive vehicles,” he said.

To start rolling the dice on love, users can download the Flight Centre app and set up their profile ahead of the May launch date. Good luck and Happy April Fool’s!

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