Sunwing’s new ‘More, More, More’ ad centres brand new campaign

Sunwing’s new ‘More, More, More’ ad centres brand new campaign

TORONTO — Sunwing has launched a brand new creative campaign complete with a catchy commercial, ‘More, More, More’.

Sunwing says the high-energy campaign – with its fun and on-trend 1970s vibe ad – taps into what customers really want on their all inclusive getaways: more value and experiences.

The company also says the campaign moves beyond what Sunwing is already well known for – vacations at accessible prices with mass appeal – and shows how Canadians not only save more upfront on a Sunwing vacation but they can also do more, explore more and celebrate more in destination.

The campaign includes radio, out-of-home, social media, digital video and a cinema buy with commercial placements at Cineplex theatres this fall. Sunwing is also promoting a social media contest for consumers. More information is at @sunwingvacations on TikTok at and on Instagram at

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Sunwing’s new ‘More, More, More’ ad centres brand new campaign

Sunwing’s new ‘More, More, More’ ad centres brand new campaign

Sunwing’s new ‘More, More, More’ ad centres brand new campaign

Samantha Taylor, Chief Marketing Officer at Sunwing Travel Group, says: “Over the past year, our team has shown unwavering dedication to reimagining Sunwing’s value proposition and brand persona so we can continue to grow with our customers at every stage. This has culminated with a more fun, vibrant and energetic brand that offers the breadth of travel products, services and experiences that our customers crave.”

Sunwing’s new ‘More, More, More’ ad centres brand new campaign

Samantha Taylor

Taylor adds: “With so much change over the past two years, it was important for us to listen to our customers and find out what matters most to them as we prepared for our winter season. We discovered that Canadians are looking to unlock more value, beyond just price, so they can get the most out of their hard-earned vacations and have an unforgettable experience in destination. Our new brand identity highlights just that. From discounts on spas and excursions to exclusive perks, room upgrades and more, we’re excited to show Canadians how they can get more under our wing.”

Travelweek checked in with Taylor for this Q&A…

Travelweek: Was it important to Sunwing to balance the messaging that sun vacations don’t have to be expensive to be great – and that Sunwing has a wide range of packages – and at the same time ensure Canadians know that Sunwing offers a quality product no matter what the price point?

Taylor: “Sunwing has always been committed to providing the most affordable all inclusive vacations for Canadians. It is part of our DNA and that will never change. What we wanted to communicate with our new campaign is all the additional value that gets unlocked on those getaways, providing an amazing experience that is the foundation for any Sunwing vacation. Value is a combination of price + MORE. More experiences, more excursions, more upgrades! You can have the vacation you’ve been dreaming about and it can be as big as you want to make it. And when you save more, you can do more under our wing.”

Travelweek: Inflation concerns and the cost of everything going up, up, up are on the minds of a lot of Canadians. Some say those concerns may impact their travel spending this winter. Was that part of the thinking with this campaign?

Taylor: “Our research and planning began last April and has never pivoted from what customers told us was important. Although inflation is a growing concern for Canadians now, it has only served to reinforce that our value proposition is very important. Canadians want value, and that includes not only price but opportunities to do more, experience more and celebrate more in destination.”

Travelweek: What sort of snapshot can you give us of Sunwing’s booking levels for the winter ahead?

Taylor: “We are incredibly excited about the winter season. All indicators are very positive, and we are looking forward to a return to pre-pandemic levels. We are also incredibly happy to partner with travel agents to provide our mutual customers with even MORE on their next Sunwing vacation!”

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