Stripping down to Speedos lands Aussie group in hot water
Image New Straits Times/Osman Adnan

Stripping down to Speedos lands Aussie group in hot water

KUALA LUMPUR – A group of Aussies learned the hard way that being cheeky isn’t always the best idea.

According to TravelTalk, a group of nine Aussies were arrested during a Formula One race in Kuala Lumpur after stripping down to Speedos emblazoned with the Malaysian flag. The men, reportedly aged between 25 and 29, were celebrating Daniel Ricciardo’s Formula 1 Grand Prix win.

Photographs of the scantily-clad revellers have surfaced on social media following the race on Sunday. Images show them standing in a circle, some with their pants round their ankles and others wearing none at all, waving an Australian flag above their heads.

They were arrested on site, and were photographed looking despondent in front of a white bus under the watchful eye of Sepang police, reports The Daily Mail. The group is being investigated for ‘intentional insult with intent to provoke a breach of the peace’, which is a minor offence under Malaysian law.

An assistant police chief said the men will be remanded for four days, and did not rule out further action being taken against them.

Malaysian social media users have lashed out against the men, calling their behaviour unacceptable. One Twitter user wrote, “Shame on those Aussies by doing this. So inappropriate.”

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