Sit, relax and have a chat with Contiki’s new chatbot

Sit, relax and have a chat with Contiki’s new chatbot

TORONTO — Have you met Tiki yet? If you haven’t, you should because Tiki will help you sell more, perform better and give you a leg up in the travel industry.

Launched by Contiki and available through Facebook messenger, Tiki is a new ‘chatbot’ designed to help agents and their clients navigate the brand’s eight travel styles. Tiki, whose voice is described as “quirky”, actually guides users through a set of questions about their personality, travel preferences and tastes through a mix of pop-culture references and Internet memes. Through its responses – or “bot-banter” as Contiki calls it – Tiki is both entertaining and engaging while suggesting a number of Contiki trips within the style that best suits your clients.

But that’s where Tiki’s job ends. Unlike other organizations that have released technology aimed at automating the roles of agents, Contiki is acutely aware of the human necessity when it comes to destination knowledge, customer service and booking handling.


“Tiki is a great selling tool that agents can use to bring some fun into the research phase of travel when clients pop in their shops,” said Sheralyn Berry, VP Sales of Contiki Canada. “It will also help agents better understand their clients style and give them a leg up on suggesting experiences that suit their motivations, tastes and preferences.”

Contiki first launched its ‘travel styles’ in 2014 to provide more tailored travel experiences suited to the diverse millennial audience.

“Our travellers aren’t homogenous,” added Gabrille Nydam, president of Contiki Canada. “Over the past four years our travel styles have been well received by agents and clients alike, who’ve found they provide an easy way to match a travellers to a trip, and as a result receive an experience that better matches their expectations. Tiki will now elevate the selling process to another level.”

To celebrate the diversity of its offerings, Contiki has also launched its newest Travel Styles campaign along with Tiki. Now until Feb. 21, 2018, clients can save up to $908, or 10% off its summer Europe 2018 adventures across all eight travel styles, including its newly released Independent Insider trips.

Contiki’s eight travel styles are as follows:

  • Discoverer (save up to $895)
  • High Energy (save up to $908)
  • Independent Insider (save up to $531)
  • In-Depth Explorer (save up to $505)
  • Sailing, Cruise & Beach (save up to $298)
  • Winter & Ski (save up to $491)
  • Short Trips & Festivals
  • Camping (save up to $585)

Agents and clients can use Tiki by visiting

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