Seth Rogen to voice Vancouver Metro, and now the rest of Canada is super jealous

Seth Rogen to voice Vancouver Metro, and now the rest of Canada is super jealous

VANCOUVER — Vancouver commuters will soon hear the voice of a familiar funnyman on public transit telling them to keep their bags and dirty shoes off the seats.

Actor and comedian Seth Rogen volunteered to be the guest voice of Metro Vancouver’s transit authority, after the transit provider ditched actor Morgan Freeman’s voice amid allegations of sexual misconduct.

In a YouTube video posted by TransLink, Rogen says he will take any chance to enrich the lives of Canadians.

“When the opportunity came up to be a voice on public transportation I was thrilled. I am honestly always looking for ways to participate in Canadian culture and put the spotlight on Canada,” Rogen says.

The Vancouver-born actor says he grew up taking public transportation and still does so whenever he’s in the city, especially on his regular trips to the Richmond night market from downtown.

In May, TransLink halted public announcements voiced by Freeman following allegations of harassment and inappropriate behaviour against the Oscar winner.

In a statement, TransLink says Rogen offered to work with the transit authority free of charge after the idea was pitched on social media by its customers and local media.

TransLink says Rogen’s distinctive voice and laugh will be heard on transit platforms, SkyTrains and buses across the region in the coming weeks and into the fall.

He will be tackling transit etiquette as well as “interesting tidbits” about the area and his relationship to Metro Vancouver, it says in the YouTube post.

The video also gives viewers a taste of his messaging on keeping seats open for people:

“Hey Vancouver, it’s Seth. Here’s a tip to make your transit ride even more awesome: I know your bag is probably very nice and you care deeply for it, but that doesn’t mean it needs its own seat,” he says.

In addition to his acting roles, Rogen and fellow Canadian Evan Goldberg co-wrote the films ‘Superbad,’ ‘Pineapple Express’ and ‘This Is the End’.

The childhood friends will share a star on Canada’s Walk of Fame, the organization announced Monday when it named its 2018 inductees.

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