Review says WestJet should update its workplace harassment policies

CALGARY – A review has found some shortcomings in WestJet’s protocols for handling cases of workplace harassment.

The Calgary-based airline hired the professional services firm Ernst & Young to do an independent review of the company’s policies and practices.

The review follows legal action taken earlier this year by a former flight attendant who says the company did not take proper action when she reported that a pilot sexually assaulted her.

The allegations have not been proven in court.

The review says WestJet’s “Respect in the Workplace” policies are not well understood by some employees, leading to inefficiencies, contradictions, knowledge gaps and avoidable risks.

Among other things, the review recommends an update to the policy and formal training for all employees.

The former flight, Mandalena Lewis, attendant suing WestJet says a review into the airline’s workplace harassment policies validates her view that the company is failing to protect its employees.

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