Quark Expeditions launches series of ultimate expeditions

Quark Expeditions launches series of ultimate expeditions

SEATTLE — To celebrate its 25th anniversary, Quark Expeditions has introduced the Explorers’ Collection, an assortment of expedition experiences designed for today’s adventure traveller.

A specially curated portfolio of unique adventures, the trips in the Explorers’ Collection are designed to showcase Quark’s pioneering pedigree in expedition travel and offer unparalleled access to remote destinations, featuring unique modes of travel and one-of-a-kind accommodation.

The six special itineraries in the Explorers’ Collection are as follows:

  • Bespoke Falkland Islands and Antarctica aboard Small Exploration Boat Hans Hansson  – For those interested in intimate, off the beaten path adventures, the 12-passenger Hans Hansson itineraries include a Falkland Islands circumnavigation or a fly/cruise to the most remote coves and inlets of Antarctica to explore remote, rarely-visited areas of the world with two landings each day and longer, flexible onshore explorations.
  • Galapagos Islands aboard Small Expedition Ship Evolution  – Explore the Galapagos Islands and interact with sea lions, turtles and other marine life as you kayak, snorkel, swim or Zodiac cruise from calm waters, or hike and explore from land. Passengers will discover the diversity of life on the inner islands, as well as from the less travelled, more remote outer islands. Itineraries can also be booked with an Antarctic itinerary, for an epic Equator to Pole adventure.
  • North Pole Express: Barneo Ice Camp and temporary Russian scientific station. Passengers spend time in the camp as the scientists and explorers do, and board a helicopter to 90 degrees north for a champagne toast.
  • Arctic Icebreaker Expedition: Arctic Circumnavigation – Onboard the legendary icebreaker Kapitan Khlebnikov, this circumnavigation travels the legendary Northwest and Northeast Passage, the Canadian High Arctic and Greenland, as passengers experience wildlife, wild lands and the spectacular beauty of the North.
  • North Pole: The Ultimate Adventure – Board the most powerful icebreaker in the world, 50 Years of Victory, as it crushes through thick pack ice en route to the North Pole. Enjoy aerial helicopter views, search for polar bears on the sea ice, and visit remote Franz Joseph Land.
  • Arctic Watch Wilderness Lodge – At Canada’s northernmost wilderness lodge, guests can witness hundreds of beluga whales, explore the tundra and take advantage of included adventure activities such as kayaking.

“The Explorers’ Collection caters to travellers who are seeking unique and immersive high adventure experiences,” said Andrew White, Quark Expeditions President. “The trips in the collection will continue to change annually, but will be truly exceptional in expedition travel. We’re finding passengers are seeking out more adventure in their experiences – they want more unique and intimate ways to explore the world’s most stunning and pristine locales.”

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