Puppy sent to Winnipeg on WestJet ends up in Calgary

WINNIPEG _ WestJet is in the doghouse after forgetting to take a puppy out of a jet’s cargo hold.

The airline was supposed to deliver an eight-week-old Bernese Mountain Dog named Levon to Winnipeg from an Ontario breeder.

Instead Levon accidentally was left inside the jet and continued on to Calgary.

At one point the breeder, Jennifer Lennon of Haustier Bernese Mountain Dogs, put out an alert on Facebook that the pup was stolen before it turned up in Alberta.

A friend of the breeder’s picked up the dog in Calgary to care for it overnight.

WestJet says Levon is to be flown to Winnipeg Thursday morning.

Brie Ogle, a WestJet spokeswoman, said the airline is trying to figure out what went wrong.

“The dog over-flew,” Ogle said Wednesday. “It was not lost, not missing, certainly not stolen.” (CTV Winnipeg)