Kathy Halpern Vice President Global Marketing

Palace Resorts restructures marketing team

MIAMI — Palace Resorts has announced a restructuring of its in-house marketing teams.

The resort company says it has brought its marketing efforts in-house, by building a global marketing team.

“In an effort meet the demands of the emerging brand as it continues to grow and expand its footprint in the luxury travel space, this vital global team will support the brand’s needs as it continues to expand its presence in new destinations and targets emerging markets,” says Kathy Halpern, Vice President of Global Marketing.

“As a company, this benefits us as we are able to streamline the process and speed to market. We are in a fast-paced environment in terms of communicating brand offerings. The global team enables us to communicate information through one cohesive pipeline and it gives us better control in terms of sending out our messaging on a timely basis.”




Here’s a look at key members of the new team:


Kathy Halpern Vice President Global Marketing. Kathy Halpern has been promoted to Vice President of Global Marketing, overseeing all digital, branding and marketing efforts. Throughout her seven-year tenure with Palace Resorts, Kathy has served as VP of Marketing, leading the company’s branding & marketing efforts in the U.S. As Vice President of Global Marketing, Halpern will oversee all global marketing teams and work closely to develop effective strategies with a focus on increasing revenue while continuing to oversee strategic marketing and advertising initiatives.




Michelle Catin Senior Director of Marketing. Michelle Catin has been promoted to Senior Director of Marketing, supporting all digital and traditional marketing, as well as social media efforts.






Peter Baedita Creative Director. Peter Baedita is Palace Resorts’ Creative Director. Before joining Palace Resorts, he spent 8+ years at Norwegian Cruise Lines.








Cessie Cerrato Vice President Public Relations. Cessie Cerrato has been promoted to Vice President of Public Relations. Throughout her seven-year tenure with Palace Resorts, Cerrato has served as PR manager, director, and senior director. Prior to joining Palace Resorts she worked with top brands including the Mexico Tourism Board, the Cancun Convention & Visitors Bureau, Aeromexico and more.