One million visits a year on Transat Distribution Canada websites

One million visits a year on Transat Distribution Canada websites TORONTO — More than one million Canadian travellers visited one of the websites of Transat Distribution Canada (TDC) in the past 12 months, according to the company.

As Canada’s largest travel agency network TDC counts more than 600 outlets and 3,000 travel professionals across the country, under the Marlin Travel, TravelPlus, Club Voyages and Voyages en Liberté brands.

“The cornerstone of our business approach is unequalled know-how and insight from seasoned travel professionals, who are engaged in providing customized service to their customers,” said Joe Adamo, newly-appointed General Manager of TDC. “Now, key to the future is our ability to enhance our agents’ performance by bringing them new web-based tools and resources, from which both they and travellers benefit.”

TDC travel advisors have access to 140,000 hotels and cruise product offered by 21 cruise lines through the Revelex Cruise Search Engine. TDC agencies also use the TravelPort Rooms GDS function, plus TDC has invested in the development of a new, API-powered package booking engine.

In addition to their websites, TDC agencies have introduced individual web pages for advisors, as well as social media networking tools and training, says the company.

“Members are embracing that platform and are becoming more adept on recognizing the behaviours of their clients and adapting their offers accordingly. The result is more revenues derived from the web, thanks to new leads, new customers and growing bookings, both from individuals and groups,” said Susan Bowman, Vice-President, Marketing of TDC.

Due to the “overwhelming results” of social media marketing, TDC is launching four training modules designed specifically for advisors. Using an integrated platform, clients can start with the consultant for information and counselling and then book online on the agency website or vice-versa, said Bowman.

“We are continually adding enhancements to the toolkit we provide our team, as it is foundational for the full service agency to be available both physically and online, and be where the client expects us to be,” added Adamo.

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