No flights in or out of Greece for 4 days if strike proceeds

No flights in or out of Greece for 4 days if strike proceeds

ATHENS — More strikes are expected to disrupt travel in Europe, this time in the island nation of Greece.

According to the Daily Mail, Greek air traffic controllers plan to walk off the job starting Oct. 9 for four days to protest changes to their job descriptions. Their union confirmed on Wednesday they would stage 24-hour strikes on Oct. 9, 10 and Oct. 12-13 inclusive, and that all flights would be suspended except for emergency and search-and rescue flights, plus those through the Athens Flight Information region.

The main issue at hand is draft legislation that seeks to introduce changes to the structure of the civil aviation department, which will act as a watchdog and deal with regulatory issues. The air traffic controllers are demanding that some articles of the draft law be withdrawn.

“This was a last chance for a proper reform. Instead, they are pursuing changes which will shut us down in a year or two,” said a member of the air traffic controllers union board. “They are undermining our sector and they never consulted with us.”

The 170-page proposed law will be discussed in parliament on Thursday.

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