‘MSC Serving You’ offers group perks for agents and clients

‘MSC Serving You’ offers group perks for agents and clients

FORT LAUDERDALE — As part of its ‘MSC Serving You’ trade initiatives, MSC Cruises has launched a new and improved group program called EZ Groups, applicable to all Caribbean and European sailings.

Based on feedback from travel agent partners, the enhanced program for affinity and promotional groups allows agents to create customizable experiences for group clients while benefiting from discounted group rates, an enhanced amenity points menu of offerings and greater earning potential.

Highlights of MSC Cruises’ EZ Group program include:

  • Earn Up to Eight Amenity Points – Travel agents are now able to choose from a list of amenities to add extra perks to their group for their clients or themselves. Amenity points are determined by sailing date, itinerary and season and are listed on the group rate sheets.
  • Group Program applicable for all Caribbean and European destinations – Promotional and affinity group pricing structure, amenity points and amenity menu is applicable for all destinations making booking Groups for Caribbean and Europe easier than ever.
  • Discounted Group Rates – Travel agents can lock in the best price with group rates that are lower than prevailing FIT rates.
  • Enhanced Amenity Master Advantage Points Menu – MSC Cruises’ has made it possible for travel agents to add even more value to their group by allowing them to choose from a menu of amenities including reduced tour conductor requirements, stateroom gifts, shipboard credit, stateroom discounts, bonus commission, cocktail parties and more
  • Group Rates & Amenity Points Available on MSC Cruises Agent– All the information travel agents need, including group rates and amenity points, are now available for download online at msccruisesagent.com/groups
  • Waived Good Faith Deposit – For groups of 16 staterooms or less, the initial good faith deposit will be waived.
  • 10% Commission on Pre-Paid Shore Excursions and Beverage Packages – Exclusive to groups, travel agents can now earn 10% commission on all pre-paid shore excursions and beverage packages
  • Transfer Individual Bookings to a Group – FIT bookings can be transferred into an existing group at the contracted group rates while the group rate is available. If group rate is no longer available, FIT bookings may be transferred while maintaining the higher FIT rate. In all cases, group amenities will be applied.
  • Group Rate Protection Guarantee – If the standard group rates are reduced, existing groups will be matched to the new lower group rates.
  • Consumer Amenities Protected – Consumer amenities, such as shipboard credit & stateroom gifts, are protected down to the first booking a travel agent made in their group.

EZ Groups is now available and applies to all new groups on Caribbean and European sailings starting from sailings beginning April 2017, including the company’s two new builds debuting next year, MSC Meraviglia and MSC Seaside.

“Serving our travel agent partners continues to be a top priority for MSC Cruises,” said Ken Muskat, Executive Vice President, MSC Cruises. “Similar to many of our recent enhancements – such as MSC Book – we’re listening to the trade community’s feedback and making updates to our programs to ensure our partners find it easy to do business with us. With the launch of EZ Groups, I’m confident that booking a group with MSC Cruises will be easier than ever.”

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