New perks now with ACTA Membership Card program

New perks with ACTA Membership Card program

MISSISSAUGA — Upgrades to ACTA’s Membership Card program now offer ACTA members access to 2,000+ perks from brand name and local vendors.

With MemberPerks ACTA members can now save on everything from travel, entertainment and dining to electronics, fitness, insurance and apparel. The MemberPerks program also includes over 400 health and wellness offers.

The perks come with ACTA’s new Member Card Program partnership with Venngo.

“Our members have indicated that placing more value on the Membership Card and enhancing the card program is important to them,” says Doreen Lynch, Director of Membership, ACTA. “By including MemberPerks we are adding new savings to the Membership Card program that our members could not receive on their own.”

“Given the diversity of our membership, the wider range of MemberPerks we offer, the better we are at addressing the needs of our diverse membership.”

To participate in the program, ACTA members can visit and click ‘Start Saving’.

Agents will be asked to enter their Membership Card Number and register their profile. Once enrolled in the program Members will be able to redeem savings by printing a coupon, using an online promo code or downloading the mobile app.

“ACTA has researched what members want from a Member Card program and is focused on delivering the best program based on member feedback,” added Lynch. “We believe that the diversity of products and savings will be appealing to both current and future members.”

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