New Lufthansa flights this year: Montreal-Frankfurt and Toronto-Munich

TORONTO — Lufthansa and the German National Tourist Office promoted new seasonal flights out of Canada to begin this spring at the famous Casa Loma last Thursday in Toronto.

Montreal-Frankfurt will launch on May 16, while Toronto-Munich will start on June 5. This means that three Canadian cities – Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal – will each have direct flights to Lufthansa’s two most important hubs, Frankfurt and Munich.

The Montreal-Frankfurt flights (LH 478/479) will depart five times per week and the Toronto-Munich flights (LH 494/495) daily during the summer months. This is in addition to the daily flights already out of Vancouver to both German cities, plus the Montreal-Munich and Toronto-Frankfurt routes.

“We have already been flying Toronto-Frankfurt for 40 years, but we have never flown to Munich from Toronto. This is very exciting for business and leisure traffic, but also for destinations beyond Bavaria and Germany,” says Hans DeHaan, director Canada, Lufthansa Group. “We usually start the route in the summer and then as it progresses and gains strength we will consider year-round service.”

Lufthansa will offer new product on board the A330 taking passengers to Munich – a new First Class, Business Class and Economy Class. For example, the whole First Class has been re-done so passengers can have as much privacy as they want with screens that go up and down, plus the food and wines have been upgraded.

Earlier this year Lufthansa was awarded a 5-Star ranking for its First Class product and service package in the latest Skytrax rankings.

“This is going to be a good year for Lufthansa in Canada, despite the pressure on fares, high fuel costs and tight margins,” says DeHann. “Toronto and Montreal are the only North American cities where we are adding capacity this year, so we are very confident in the Canadian market.”