Before or after a cruise, Montréal will amaze your clients!


There’s so much to do with a couple of days to explore.

Your clients will step ashore in Montréal, an island gem in the St. Lawrence River, and discover its signature blend of European charm and exciting urban vibe. They can feel free explore this outstandingly safe city any time, day or night. Montréal is compact and pedestrian friendly, so getting from the Montréal Cruise Terminal to hotels is quick and easy. Plus, there’s a wealth of historic sites, major attractions and activities, restaurants and shops all along the way. Many cruise lines use Montréal as a starting or ending point for their itineraries along the St. Lawrence River. The city’s cosmopolitan character can be seen in its multicultural population of 3.7 million people, representing more than 80 cultural groups. Montréal is the Americas’ largest French-speaking city, and you’ll hear conversations sprinkled with English, French and many other languages as well. And, of course, Montréal is famous for its warmth and openness. Montrealers are easygoing and friendly, and they love to welcome visitors to their city.

Going to the Airport?

If Montréal is your clients’ final destination, Montréal–Trudeau International Airport is just 20 minutes from downtown, making their trip home a breeze.

05.05_web_MontrealWalkingA City Made for Walking

At the Montréal Cruise Terminal, your clients will be steps away from major attractions, right in the heart of Old Montréal. Visitors will enjoy their stroll back in time along the cobblestone streets of Old Montréal. They’ll have a great time with their family at the Quays of the Old Port and love discovering the world of art, history and science at one of the city’s many museums. The exhibitions at the Montréal Science Centre, located in the Old Port, are astounding, funny, and surprising. They open the doors to exploring, learning, and understanding a range of topics related to science and technology.

05.05_web_TM_LascauxIn Montréal, this summer: The Cave of Lascaux – Prehistoric Masterpieces

Through September 14 at the Montréal Science Centre, one can step back in time to the dawn of humanity and discover frescos created 20,000 years ago, long before civilization’s humble beginnings. Life-size reproductions, unique in their kind, offer exclusive access to the cave with the most prehistoric art. It’s an opportunity to experience a life-like journey into the heart of an otherwise inaccessible prehistoric monument. Visit

05.05_web_TM_Casino1We’re All Play

The Casino de Montréal has all it takes to bedazzle: a unique island setting with loads of fun and games in one of the city’s most recognizable landmarks. Your clients can experience electrifying gaming in a festive atmosphere. With nearly 100 gaming tables and some 3,000 slot machines, the Casino de Montréal offers one of the widest varieties of games in North America. There are also four restaurants—four unique ambiances—and a breathtaking view of the city. Visit

Such a gourmet adventure!

05.05_web_Montreal_GourmetWhen it comes to food, Montréal is the city of indulgence. The city has one of the highest rates of restaurants per capita in North America, offering everything from haute cuisine to the city’s famous poutine. Resisting temptation is simply futile. Local chefs really take the cake when it comes to imagination. Not only do they showcase fresh, seasonal local produce, they liberally season their dishes with the same creativity that is indelibly Montréal: innovation, style and originality. Ingenuity is the main ingredient in a unique cuisine that deftly mixes invention with tradition. The result? An inspired blend of local influences, daring world flavours and European heritage. What’s more, Montréal chefs work hand in hand with local purveyors and can often be found exploring the public markets for the inspiration and base of their next great creation. And if you don’t catch them at the market, chances are you’ll find them chatting up the patrons at their restaurant. Montréal’s culinary scene is also appetizingly accessible! The warm and hospitable ambiance found in Montréal restaurants and bistros only add to the experience; chefs often venture into the dining room to greet patrons, as any good host would. It is this gracious and open approach to hospitality that distinguishes Montréal dining and makes for a lovely meal. In addition, the street food scene offers great diversity. Food trucks offer a wide variety of fresh, affordable, and high-quality products at more than 15 rotation sites around the city, such as downtown, Old Montréal and Mount Royal Park, among others.


The largest open-air farmer’s market in North America

Montréal’s public markets feature outstanding local produce and artisanal wares, but what really sets them apart are the purveyors. At the markets, farmers and merchants are happy to answer questions or even share advice and recipes. Considering that the Jean-Talon Market is the largest open-air farmer’s market in North America, that’s a lot to explore and discover! Montréal’s public markets also host small gourmet boutiques that feature a cornucopia of fruit, vegetables, meat, cheese, fish, baked goods, organic and other healthy food products, as well as local specialties — the likes of iced cider, artisanal chocolate and more.

Colours and flavours from around the world

Strolling through Montréal’s public markets is a favourite pastime for local residents. These are places to discover new flavours, pick up groceries and meet up with friends! They are also great places to experience the city’s incredible multicultural vibe. With exotic gourmet delights from around the world, the market highlights the flavours of Montréal’s many cultural communities and acts as a spot for the world to meet. To learn more about Montréal, visit