Saint Lucia launches electronic Embarkation/Disembarkation form

New iPhone App allows travellers to befriend locals before arrival

CALIFORNIA – SWimZr, a profile-based mobile application co-founded by Blake Mori and John Parilo was developed to allow fellow travelers and destination city locals to connect prior to arrival.

“WimZr can be used to connect one user to another who may be traveling to the same destination within the same time frame, as well as to locals from that city,” said Parilo. “A user is granted permission to view another user’s profile if travel dates coincide by at least one day. The ‘mutual interest’ between the two will establish a connection.”

WimZr has the capacity to be utilized in ways other than just a one on one connection. Whether a user wishes to secure a dinner date on a solo business trip, co-mingle a bachelor and bachelorette party, or plan a reunion with distant college friends for a summer or spring break getaway – with WimZr, the sky is certainly not the limit.

To learn more about WimZr, LLC., please visit or contact John Parilo at (916) 208-8055.

Source: Canadian Press

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