More than 635 TL Network Canada affiliate members are now using Agent Profiler, says James

More than 635 TL Network Canada affiliate members are now using Agent Profiler, says James

TORONTO — TL Network says it seeing continued success in Canada with its lead generation tool, Agent Profiler.

Strides in technology, training and marketing programs are providing strong impetus for advancement during very challenging times, says TL Network, now the largest retail travel agency organization in North America, 

Agent Profiler allows consumers to find the ideal travel advisor for their needs by selecting from a full range of travel specialties, destinations and other search options. 

Christine James, Vice President Canada, TL Network, says that more than 635 TL Network Canada affiliate members are currently displaying an advisor profile, with more members being added weekly. 

The capabilities of this exclusive technology allow advisors to create blog posts and multiple profiles, based on their areas of specialties, add images to a photo gallery and invite clients to add ratings and reviews of their services, she adds.

 “I am extremely proud of the energy, drive and accomplishments of our team over the past year in providing support to our travel advisors on the programs and technology TL Network provides,” says James. “Even during the pandemic, we continued to drive more consumer leads to our members, along with providing the tools and technology they need to make their jobs easier. We look forward to even bigger and better things to come in the last half of 2021.”

TL Network’s Agent Profiler experienced growth in leads channeled to participating travel advisors, resulting in success for advisors who have been taking advantage of the enhanced features built into the online program, says James.

Since January 2020 the Agent Profiler tool has delivered 5,550+ leads to advisors who have published profiles on 

James says TL Network Canada is offering its members free upgrades to Agent Profiler Plus through Dec. 31, 2021, which enables advisors to publish multiple profiles that are proven to deliver five times more leads.

Kyle Oram, CEO of KVI Travel in Victoria, B.C., is now encouraging all his agents to highlight their specialties and get their profiles listed. And no wonder. One of KVI Travel’s agents, Kim Turcot Leeming who took the time to put together a detailed profile as a French Polynesia specialist on Agent Profiler.  This listing resulted in a lead that developed into a $45,000 Kensington Tours Polynesia booking.

“Travellers are far more interested in connecting with a travel expert based on that agent’s knowledge and experience with a particular destination,” said Oram. “It’s a win-win for the entire KVI team.”

Another agent, with Cruise Holidays in Oakville and Lawrence Park, received a lead for a 117-day Cunard World Cruise for 2022 using Agent Profiler. 

“She recently closed the lead and generated a booking worth just under $220,000. Another agent received a high-quality lead for a 100-guest destination wedding. This would never have happened without the ease of Agent Profiler’s proprietary tool which helps guide consumers who seek a personal connection with the most trusted, qualified travel advisors,” said Lola Vassilliadis, Owner/Manager of Cruise Holidays in Oakville and Lawrence Park.