Montana lodge guests find a black bear chilling out in women’s bathroom

BIG SKY, MT — Things that go bump in the night can usually be attributed to creaky stairs or a rattling windowpane. Very rarely does it mean a bear sleeping in the bathroom.

This is exactly what guests at Buck’s T-4 Lodge in Big Sky, Montana found on Saturday in a scene straight out of Goldilocks. In a video they posted on Facebook, a young black bear is seen sprawled across the women’s bathroom countertop, completely unbothered by its surroundings.

According to the lodge, the unwanted visitor made its way inside through a bathroom window.

“We had a surprise visitor last night in the hotel lobby,” wrote the lodge, who praised the efforts of local authorities to capture the bear. “Huge shoutout to Gallatin County Sheriff’s Office and Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks for keeping our guests safe, while recognizing what a once-in-a-lifetime experience it was. They were professional and safe, and provided a great opportunity for folks to learn a little bit about wildlife management.”

Later in the video, wildlife officials are seen preparing a tranquilizer and waiting for the bear to fall asleep. After administering the tranquilizer, an official carries the unconscious animal out of the bathroom, followed by a handful of delighted guests.

The lodge confirmed that the bear will be moved from the Gallatin Canyon to another area of Montana where he’ll be released back into the wild.

The video ends with footage of torn paper towels, which the young bear presumably tried to pull out from the dispenser.

Why would it need paper towels, you ask?

The final shot in the video would answer that question.

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