Mom hilariously celebrates first day of school by going to Disney – alone

ORLANDO — The struggle is real for many parents, who’ve been counting down the days until school is back in session. A long, hot summer entertaining the kids at home would be enough to drive any mom or dad crazy, which is why one woman wasted no time dropping off her lot at school and headed straight to Disney World.

According to Good Morning America (GMA), Lisa DiNoto, a mom of two boys twho lives just 1.2 miles from the theme park in Orlando, felt absolutely no guilt over her solo trip to the happiest place on earth on the same day her kids went back to school.

“We live so close it’s just a regular part of our lives,” she told the news show. “It’s not unusual to pop into Epcot for lunch, or go for a run at a resort, or take the kids to ride a favourite attraction, or see a favourite show after running errands on a weekend.”

DiNoto added that her kids were excited for their first day at school and that she was equally excited for some much needed time alone.

“Pickup time came soon enough and all of us had lots of fun sharing the details of our day,” she said.

DiNoto, who has a blog called The Castle Run, wrote about her fun day at the park, which included photo opps with Snow White, a stop at the Confectionary for sweet treats, and a heartwarming encounter with the Fairy Godmother.

What made her day extra special was the fact that DiNoto wore a commemorative Disney pin that read, “I’m Celebrating 1st Day of School!”

She had the idea to ask strangers and Disney castmates to hold her pin and pose for pictures, inviting them to share in her fun. The response she got was nothing short of “amazing”, she said. She even managed to get the Fairy Godmother to laugh until she cried.

“She was laughing so hard she was crying, and we just started hugging and laughing together,” she told GMA.

After her story went viral, DiNoto updated her blog entry to say that she hopes she’s inspired a few moms and dads to “have mental health days and adventures of their own”.

We’re thinking this could be a possible new niche market? Drop-your-kids-off-at-school getaways – let the tours begin!