These mile-high club airlines are totally shagadelic, baby

These mile-high club airlines are totally shagadelic, baby

CINCINNATI — When things get a little bumpy on this airplane, it may not be because of turbulence.

Flamingo Air, a Cincinnati-based airline and flight school, is breathing new life into the mile-high club by offering couples the chance to ‘get it on’ in the back of a single-engine Piper Cherokee 6 aircraft. The flight, which comes with a price tag of US$475, flies over southern Ohio at exactly one mile up in the air, reports Quartz Media.

The plane seats up to seven passengers plus the pilot, and sees its busiest time during the week of Valentine’s Day. According to president David MacDonald, passengers are often married couples, with religious groups also booking frequently to host couples’ therapy sessions for worshippers. Plus, threesomes are a regular occurrence because, why not?

Rounding the bases mid-flight seems to be a growing trend, with another airline in Las Vegas banking on the concept. Love Cloud charges $800 for a 30-minute ride on a twin mattress in a twin-engine Cessna 421; for an extra $200, couples get an additional 30 minutes. Those who want to get busy for 90 minutes will have to fork over $1,400.

The views that come with Love Cloud are just as romantic as the onboard ambience; the flight route takes in the sights of Red Rock Canyon and the Hoover Dam. And for that extra bit of privacy, pilots wear noise-cancelling headphones.

Love Cloud’s president and founder Andy Johnson, who credits himself with saving “some marriages”, said that most flights are booked by women and that passengers are generally over the age of 35. He also takes pride in the fact that his plane is “cleaner than most hotel rooms on the [Las Vegas] Strip”, which, if Sin City’s reputation is to be believed, is probably entirely accurate.

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