Man’s sex toys shut down Berlin airport terminal

Man’s sex toys shut down Berlin airport terminal

BERLIN — Things got a little kinky at Berlin’s Schönefeld Airport on Tuesday when various sex toys were mistaken for a bomb, causing a partial closure of one of its terminals.

According to CNN, airport employees came across suspicious content inside a piece of luggage. Initial X-ray scans of the items were unclear and so an alert was issued around 11 a.m., which prompted the closure of Terminal D.

Police were eventually called to inspect the suspicious items, and the owner of the bag was paged over the speaker system to retrieve his luggage.

Not surprisingly, the passenger was reluctant to properly identify the objects, saying instead that it was all just “technical stuff”.

After an hour-long investigation that involved an actual bomb squad, airport officials eventually concluded that the suspicious items were simply sex toys. The terminal reopened at noon.

Crisis averted! Level-10 embarrassment, however, not so much.

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