Man fined for stealing WestJet megaphone in drunken prank

Drunk & Disorderly: Passenger fined for stealing megaphone

SASKATOON — A Saskatoon man is taking a hit to the wallet for drunkenly stealing a megaphone from a WestJet plane last year during a flight from Toronto to the Saskatchewan city.

A lawyer for Jake Michael Piasentini, who was 29 at the time, entered a guilty plea to a charge of possessing stolen property on his client’s behalf Thursday in Saskatoon provincial court.

Piasentini was fined $5,000.

A passenger on the flight, Mike Van Dijk, said at the time that police boarded the plane and said either the thief would have to confess or they’d have to go through everyone’s bags.

Van Dijk said an embarrassed man at the back of the plane then turned over his bag, which had the missing megaphone crammed inside.

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