Man arrested for chasing after plane on runway

Man arrested for chasing after plane on runway

DUBLIN — Stop that plane! An Irish man who missed his flight at Dublin Airport has been arrested for running after the plane on the tarmac.

Witnesses say a man who appeared to be in his 20s broke through a door and ran toward the Ryanair plane, which was about to take off for Amsterdam.

The airport said in a statement that a man became “agitated” after he and a woman arrived at the gate too late for their flight. It said the man “broke through a door and made his way onto the apron, trying to flag the aircraft down.”

He was restrained by Ryanair staff until police arrived.

Irish police said they were called to the airport at about 7 a.m. Thursday.

They said the man was taken to a Dublin police station.

If you thought his antics ended there, think again. While outside of a Dublin court later that day where he was charged with criminal damage to the airport door lock, the man – who has since been identified as Patrick Kehoe, 23, from Wexford – dropped his trousers and mooned photographers and journalists.

Not surprisingly, Twitter-verse responded in full, with tweets that poked fun at the situation.

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