Machu Pikachu? Geckos launches Pokémon Go itinerary

Machu Pikachu? Geckos launches Pokémon Go itinerary

Pokémon Go has become the most viral mobile app of all time with already more daily users than Twitter and more engagement than Facebook, according some sources.

It wasn’t going to take long before a travel company jumped on the craze and that’s exactly what Geckos Adventures has done with the Pokemon: Let’s Go itinerary. The 45-day tours starts in Peru and includes stops in Cusco, Machu Picchu, Galapagos Islands, Egypt, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam.

The Geckos website touts: “Imagine the bragging rights you’ll have if you catch Pikachu at Machu Picchu, battle Blastoise alongside a giant tortoise in the Galapagos and spot Pidgeot at Angkor Wat. Wait, who’s that at the Pyramids of Giza? It’s that fire-spitting Charizard!

“Channel your inner Ash Ketchum and catch ‘em all on this epic Geckos adventure to some of the most far-flung PokéStops around the world. The time is right.”

The trip starts on Aug. 28, 2016 in Lima and ends on Oct. 10 in Bangkok. The price tag is $9,800.

It can only be booked through an agent or with Geckos’ team directly. For more information, go to