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Little girl loses toy monkey in England, you won’t believe who returned it to her

SYDNEY — A toy monkey has just had the time of its life after being accidentally left behind in London, England.

Harriet, one of six toy monkeys from Woodside Kindergarten in Adelaide, Australia, recently accompanied a five-year-old girl named Savannah and her family while on holiday in Europe. While in London and during a tour of Buckingham Palace, Harriet suffered the same fate as many other toys and stuffed animals – she became lost.

Savannah’s mother, Katie, only realized Harriet was missing the following day and by then, it was too late to look for her as the family had to catch a flight back home to Australia.

Back in Adelaide and upon hearing the news, Woodside Kindergarten decided to write a letter to the Queen of England herself to ask her to search for Harriet on palace grounds. They also included photos of Harriet from her vacation to give the Queen (and, most likely, her staff) a better idea of what Harriet looks like.

Despite the odds, the Palace actually responded the following week and confirmed that the beloved monkey was safe and being well taken care of. Not only that, it sent back photos of Harriet chilling out and living the life at the Queen’s residence!

Harriet was sent back to Woodside Kindergarten shortly after, but she didn’t arrive alone. She was accompanied by ‘Rex’, a stuffed corgi from the palace gift shop. We can’t wait to hear about all the adventures Harriet and Rex will embark on next!

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