Listen to this Air Canada pilot bid passengers farewell on his final flight

TORONTO — Some heroes don’t wear capes – during the COVID-19 pandemic, sometimes they wear wings instead.

Veteran Air Canada pilot Captain Blair Wiseman brought passengers and crew members to tears during his retirement flight last month. The repatriation flight, which flew from Morocco to Montreal to bring stranded Canadians home, represented Wiseman’s final flight in an illustrious 40-year career with Air Canada.

Prior to landing, Wiseman thanked passengers for flying with him and his crew, and said it was a “privilege and honour” to bring them home to Canada. He also thanked all the “very dedicated Air Canada employees” that worked behind the scenes of Air Canada’s repatriation efforts, as well as the flight attendants and fellow pilots on the flight.

“They’ve all volunteered to do more of these flights – they don’t have to, it’s not required, but it’s just who they are,” he said. “They want to bring Canadians home to be safe with their families so I thank them for that.”

On a personal note, Wiseman reflected back on his 40-year career and his time flying with the airline.

“Tonight is most likely my retirement flight…so it’s an extra special honour and a privilege for me to be bringing you from Casablanca all the way home to Canada,” he said. “Forty years with Air Canada – it really has been a wonderful experience, and all the wonderful employees at Air Canada have made such a difference. And so a great way to finish off, bringing you all home safe and sound to Canada.”

For all that you’ve done, Captain Wiseman, and for everything all our pilots, flight attendants and airline employees have done, particularly these past few weeks, we salute you!

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