Life is purrrfect for these therapy cats at YYC

Life is purrrfect for these therapy cats at YYC

CALGARY — Cats often get a bad rap. They’re regarded as aloof, unfriendly and unlovable, especially when compared to ‘Man’s Best Friend’, aka The Dog. But one airport is challenging this stereotype by employing furry felines as official therapy companions.

Calgary International Airport (YYC) first started deploying therapy animals in 2016, with dogs heading up the program to help calm the nerves of travellers. But now, cat lovers are getting in on all the fun thanks to the recent addition of two lovable felines.

One of the cats is a three-year-old male domestic short hair named Taz, whose human, Heather Rutherford, volunteers with PALS, the Pet Access League Society. PALS is responsible for accepting pet applications and assesses whether they’re suitable for public spaces like airports.

Rutherford and Taz make the rounds at YYC a couple times a week, looking for anyone who needs a gentle paw or some cuddle time prior to departure. The program, which currently includes the two cats and 50 K9s, has been so well received that Peggy Blacklock, the airport’s program manager, joked she may be open to include other animals, including a miniature horse.

Now THAT we’d love to see!

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