Earn an extra $5 per reservation with Softvoyage

Earn an extra $5 per reservation with Softvoyage

MONTREAL — Agents can earn some extra cash with Softvoyage’s brand new promotion, running now until March 31, 2018.

Any travel agent who has an active SIREV account and books Air Canada and/or WestJet web fares in SIREV between Jan. 22 and March 31 will receive $5 per reservation on top of their regular commission.

The cash bonus will be made at the end of the promotion and sent directly to travel agencies for all eligible reservations made by all counsellors within the agency.

“We encourage all SIREV users to actively participate in this promotion and maximize their earning potential while benefitting from the numerous and powerful sales tools available in SIREV,” said Dan Langevin, Vice-President Sales & Marketing.

For more information go to sirev.com/promo.

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