Are LGBT the most lucrative clients for agents? Survey says yes!

Are LGBT the most lucrative clients for agents? Survey says yes!

LONDON — The dream client for any travel agent is the one who keeps coming back. And according to a new survey by LGBT-friendly travel company, no one is more likely to come back than lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) travellers.

The results, which were released to coincide with the day everyone goes back into the office after the festive period, showed that 2,570 visitors to the company’s website who identify as LGBT plan to set their Out Of Office notice almost three times more in 2017 than their straight counterparts. As such, LGBT travellers expect to take 4.86 holidays this year versus 1.74 trips for straight travellers.

This is likely attributed to the fact that LGBT travellers have 23% more disposable income and are taking multiple shorter duration trips versus one long summer holiday.

Based on existing research, there is a clear evidence base that travel is also intrinsically linked to personal well-being and happiness.

A recent study at Cornell University showed that spending money on experiences rather than material goods led to higher levels of happiness.

According to a 2016 study by the National Institute of Economic and Social Research, paid work is right at the bottom of things that make an individual happy, apart from being sick.

Founder of travel company, Darren Burn, said: “It’s clear that people are desperate to have an excuse to set their Out Of Office and the return to work often sees a flurry of holiday bookings as people want something to look forward to.”

January is traditionally the peak booking season in the travel industry due to people securing their trips for small deposits and helping them beat the back to work blues.

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