Canadian travel to overseas countries up 2.2% in November

OTTAWA — Despite the sliding Canadian dollar, travel to overseas countries continued to increase as Canadian residents took 837,000 trips in November, up 2.2% from October, according to Statistics Canada.

Meanwhile, travel from Canada to the United States remained stable.

Canadian residents took 4.7 million trips to the United States in November, relatively unchanged from October.

While same-day car travel rose 1.3%, overnight travel to the United States declined 1.4%, led by a 2.6% decrease in overnight car trips. Canadian residents took 683,000 overnight air trips in November, up 2.2% from October and the highest figure recorded since record keeping began in 1972.

United States residents took 1.7 million trips to Canada in November, down 2.5% from October.

Overnight travel decreased 1.7%, led by a 2.7% decline in overnight plane travel. Same-day car travel from the United States was down 4.1% to 593,000 same-day car trips.

Travel from overseas countries rose 3.2% in November to 404,000 trips.

The rise in travel from overseas countries was widespread, as 10 of the top 12 overseas markets recorded increases. The largest percentage increase was in travel from Mexico (+16.0%). The largest percentage decrease was in travel from France (-1.7%).

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