Uniglobe One Travel brings three Travel Management Companies under one umbrella

VANCOUVER — Uniglobe Vision, Uniglobe Beacon and Uniglobe Geo Travel are now under one umbrella, with combined sales of more than one quarter billion dollars.

Irv Wight becomes Chairman, David Kruschell President and CEO, and Richard Gardner is Chief Technology Officer and Vice President, Leisure Services.

With more than 30 years experience in the industry, Uniglobe One Travel serves 650 corporations.

“This was a natural progression in the continued growth of our business as all three agencies were already working so closely together on various systems and technologies,” says David Kruschell. “We are now able to take these efforts to the next level by taking advantage of further synergies, growth opportunities and best practices.”

Uniglobe One Travel will continue to operate and deliver services to clients through all locations including Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Red Deer, Kamloops, Victoria and Nanaimo. “Our innovative technology solutions combined with our collective experience will enable us to operate as one and provide even more responsive service to our clients,” said Richard Gardner.

Uniglobe One Travel is now the largest agency within the Uniglobe Travel brand and through its global relationships looks to grow both its corporate and leisure business to new heights in 2014. “We are truly excited about the opportunities this combination of experienced talent, technology and programs will bring to our current and future customers,” said Kruschell.