G Adventures to host inaugural GX summit in Peru this September
G Adventures founder Bruce Poon Tip in Peru

Keep an eye out for big GX announcements this week from G Adventures

TORONTO — G Adventures is gearing up to make some big announcements this week about its upcoming GX summit.

That’s the word from G Adventures Managing Director David Green, who met up with Travelweek last Friday.

The GX summit, taking place in Peru and running Sept. 22 – 28, is billed as a multi-day, mega-event that will welcome travel advisors, suppliers, media and travellers, from around the world, to experience first-hand the impact community tourism can have on a destination.

More than 60 of G Adventures’ top travel advisors will be in attendance, including 13 top-selling agents each from Canada, the U.S., Europe and more.

This inaugural GX – destined to be an annual event – will combine several of the company’s biggest initiatives, like Change Makers and G for Good, as well as internal corporate events like Community Camp.

The first details were announced in May 2023.

Now the industry should get ready for more updates this week, including a great lineup of keynote speakers, says Green.

Also coming this week: news about a special act that will be performing at GX. Green couldn’t reveal details yet, “but it’s a big name, it’s a well-known name,” he said.

The first five days at GX, Sept. 22 – 26, will see participating agents exploring Peru, G Adventures-style, visiting projects and seeing the impact of community tourism. On Sept. 27, participants will take in a full day of panel presentations and speakers.

As for news about next year’s GX destination, Green said that update will likely be made at this year’s GX. For now, all he could say was this: “It will be a big announcement, bigger and better, because we’re G Adventures and that’s what we do.”

Stay tuned to Travelweek Daily for this week’s announcements from G Adventures!

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David Green, Managing Director, G Adventures

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