“It’s up to us to be the shining light”: G Adventures has industry rates and 1,000+ departures for June 2022
Isalo National Park, Madagascar

“It’s up to us to be the shining light”: G Adventures has industry rates and 1,000+ departures for June 2022

TORONTO — With more than 1,000 departures scheduled for June 2022, G Adventures is well on its way back to pre-pandemic levels of operation.

The 1,000+ departures on the relaunch list for next month represent a return to 50% capacity compared to 2019, and the highest number of trips operating since the pandemic was declared, says G Adventures Canada’s Managing Director, David Green.

Not only are clients travelling more, but summer is the ideal time for travel advisors to get out there and travel too, says Green. Those trips can be easier on the wallet with G Adventures’ travel agent and industry rates.

“As the travel industry recovers it’s up to us to be the shining light and to lead by example. We’ve all missed travelling, and we’ve all earned ourselves a holiday having helped so many customers rebook their adventures over the past two years,” says Green.

“By choosing to book with G Adventures, our travel community is also demonstrating there is a better way to travel – to go beyond the typical travel destinations and make a difference by ensuring their money supports local people. As important as it is to build our own businesses back, there are many local people in the places we visit who benefit economically when tourism is done right, and we want to help support them.”

G Adventures’ special rate for travel agents and industry members offers savings worth up to 50% off select trips.

The travel company’s preferred partner travel agents can get up to a 50% discount for themselves, and a 25% discount for up to three travelling companions. All other agency partners receive up to 30% off, with up to 15% off for their fellow adventurers.

The wider travel industry community can also benefit from special rates: up to 15% off G Adventures’ portfolio of tours upon presentation of an IATA or other travel industry ID card.


Back in the lineup for G Adventures’ June 2022 program are Borneo, Cuba (from $2,549 per person for a 15-day trip, June 11) and Madagascar (from $3799 per person for a 14-day trip, June 2), for the first time in two years. Other highlights include the reopening of the Thailand Hilltribes trekking route, from $549 per person for a five-day trip (June 23), and the restart of the Mont Blanc hiking season.

Meanwhile G Adventures’ May 2022 operations include 800+ options, with restarts in Vietnam, Indonesia and South Korea, and Eastern Europe and the ‘Stans.

Agents looking for more details including instructions on how to book with industry rates can check out G Adventures’ agent portal, Sherpa.

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