Israel’s tourism arrivals are nearing 2019 levels

Israel dropping on-arrival PCR testing effective May 20, 2022

TORONTO — Israel is dropping its final COVID-19 restrictions by removing on-arrival PCR tests.

Israel’s Ministry of Health confirmed the move yesterday.

Under the new guidelines, passengers landing at Ben Gurion airport starting May 20, 2022 will no longer be required to perform a PCR test.

Israel’s Ministry of Health also confirmed that starting today, May 10, 2022, foreigners flying to Israel are now allowed to take an antigen test before boarding the plane instead of a PCR test.

Any passenger who chooses the antigen option will be required to perform the test in the 24 hours prior to their departure to Israel.

Israel has been welcoming all visitors, vaccinated and unvaccinated, since March 1, 2022.

Gal Hana, Consul and Director, Israel Ministry of Tourism office, said he and his team welcomed the new updates from Israel’s Ministry of Health.

“We are excited to make this announcement as Canadians have already started to fill flights to Israel and hotels in Israel,” said Hana.

Hana added that up until May 20, travellers will still have to pre-book and undergo the original testing protocols upon arrival in Israel, with the announced change effective May 20 and onwards, “there will be one less traveller anxiety to encounter.”