Istanbul’s lazy cat immortalized with bronze statue

ISTANBUL – Imagine being revered around the world for being…lazy? That’s exactly what happened to a cat named Tombili, who lived in Istanbul and gained worldwide fame for his ultra-relaxed posture and contemplative look.

Tombili – a Turkish word often used for chubby pets – quickly became an Internet sensation and iconic meme after a photo of him lazily reclining on the pavement in Istanbul’s Kadiköy neighbourhood was shared thousands of times on social media.

Sadly, Tombili passed away on Aug. 1 after a mystery illness, reports Hurriyet News. Soon after, flyers were distributed around the neighbourhood that read, “You will live on in our hearts, mascot of our street.”

This prompted a petition that gathered 17,000 signatures to request Kadiköy Municipality to officially commemorate Tombili’s contribution to public life. Local sculptor Seval Sahin agreed to make a bronze sculpture that would immortalize Tombili’s famous ‘like a boss’ pose.

The statue was inaugurated on Oct. 4, World Animal Day. The event brought out hundreds of fans who paid their respects with candles, flowers and cat food. Kadiköy deputy mayor Basar Necipoglu also attended, thanking animal lovers for making the memorial possible.

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Posted by Anadolu Kedisi on Tuesday, October 4, 2016

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