Isrotel announces the development of two new luxury hotels
Nahum Kara, Director of Marketing and Sales, Isrotel; Ellen Melman, Director, Operations and Marketing, Canada, Israel Ministry of Tourism; Mor Ram, Regional Sales Manager, North America, Isrotel; Jerry Adler, Director for Canada, Israel Ministry of Tourism.

Isrotel announces the development of two new luxury hotels

TORONTO — Isrotel welcomed Israeli representatives, media and travel agents at an industry dinner in Toronto over the weekend, during which they announced two new hotels: the Orient in Jerusalem, and another in Old Jaffa, to open June 1.

Nahum Kara, Director of Marketing and Sales for Isrotel Hotels, said the Orient will be “the highest quality of hotels in Jerusalem” and that its design will “reserve the uniqueness of the Temple period of Jerusalem”, all the while accommodating luxury needs.

Isrotel has 19 hotels in total in Israel, all of which provide guests with luxurious amenities and service.

With new flights by Air Transat from Montreal, as well as by Air Canada from Toronto, Canadian travel to Israel is expected to rise from the current 30% of guests from North America.

Dinah Kutner, General Manager for El Al, spoke about Israel’s recent tourism setbacks, and how the airline is hopeful of change in 2017. “The problems are behind us, we are starting a new year. I hope and pray that we will see new planes here in Toronto,” she said. “I’m going to stick it out to see the new 787 here on tarmac in Toronto. Without you, we couldn’t have done it.”

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